#C4C15: Stop teaching on-demand writing, make writers instead | Metawriting

The way that we make writers is to make writing more authentic:

I love the way in which you have mixed memes into your writing and brought out the most salient points for others to take and share. I agree with you that we should stop the artificiality of on-demand writing, but as I think about my own writing, I am struck that much of it is on-demand.

When I reply to an email, it is on-demand. When I write up a new document explaining something we are working on, it is on-demand. When someone asks a question and I feel compelled to write a blog post in response, this is on-demand. I don’t think the way we create a community of writers is to deny that on-demand writing can be valuable, but rather that on-demand writing must be authentic (a real audience and a real purpose) for it to make an impact.

The writing ritual itself is fairly on-demand, but this demand of writing is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling ones I know.

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