#C4C15: Shanahan on Literacy: Teaching Visual Literacy Makes a Big Difference

How can we recognize more biases of our teaching practice:

Recognizing your bias against images as text is wonderful and will serve as an important point of reflection. While I too struggle with media as text, I believe that there are so many new types of media that blur the lines and make for a much richer world of analysis than only choosing to look at what can have it etymology dissected.

The rich texts being created in video form are no longer simply off the cuff video blogs. Rather, many are carefully written and shot and can be analyzed as such. Even the texts of Animated Gifs and/or Memes are ripe for discussion. These moving images are combined with words to make meaning. While these are not the great american novel, they do hold a place in our discourse and should hold a place in our classrooms.

Thank you for providing your perspective on this important topic, and especially for being introspective and calling out a specific bias.

Shanahan on Literacy: Teaching Visual Literacy Makes a Big Difference.

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