#C4C15: Professional: Development vs. Learning | Outside the Education Box

The people that you are at the PD buffet with matter. Those who support you in making better choices are better than those that keep you going back for the same items again and again.

I think the most important aspect of what you have identified is that you do have a passionate community that is supporting you through your PD. The LeadWild Voxer group (and other extensions of your PLN) is something that allows you to learn in any environment. You are able to take what you have learned and go back to them and ask more questions or go deeper with your learning.

I think it is that many folks do not have this community that they turn to PD gluttony (or whatever you might call going back to the same buffet of PD opportunities again and again). Without having the right community of support, you are unlikely to move forward. Without folks who are constantly pushing your thinking (between events), you are very likely to stick with the same conferences and sessions you know.

The real question for me is “how do we create more opportunities for community within PD?” If we can solve for that problem, I don’t think we would need to have the same conferences year after year.

via Professional: Development vs. Learning | Outside the Education Box.

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