#C4C15: learn.share.grow.: The Most Important Lesson

#C4C15: learn.share.grow.: The Most Important Lesson

Inquiring minds… They want to know… always:

I don’t know that it can be said better than this:

” The only constant we have in our profession is a captive, open, interested audience. It is up to you to decide what you do with that audience. Create goals for your own new learning that focus on growth and continuing to learn more about your craft and profession. Share the triumphs and struggles of your learning experiences with your students. Model how to be inquisitive- if you don’t know something, look it up. Take risks personally and professionally and include students in the process when appropriate.”

When we model the process of inquiry for our students and for one another, we are showing that learning is not isolated to the few years that we are in school. We are showing that it is powerful, no matter what the context.

I had a conversation today with a colleague about the fact that we do not have opportunities to access professional development for all of the different roles within our district. While I agree that we can do a better job, I was taken aback by the sentiment that you need others to take you by the hand into learning. I think in a lot of ways, I am still like your daughter. I still ask why. I still try to find new pieces of learning every chance I get. We don’t need someone else to lay it out for us; we just need to keep on asking questions.

I’m glad you see this inquiry in your children, both biological and educational. Let us continue to pursue it, together.

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