#C4C15: Digital Learning: Not Just For Kids – Joe Mazza

#C4C15: Digital Learning: Not Just For Kids – Joe Mazza

I truly believe that podcasts can transform your practice. Weird, but true.

I think you have hit upon something fundamental for the ways in which we both consume and create within the stream of information that is seemingly all around us. Authenticity isn’t found within the conveyance of information, but rather within the voices and stories we use to convey that information. By tackling education from a scenario perspective, you are creating an authentic interaction for each person who takes part in the process. You are creating an entry point as well as a way for those in the audience to give back.

It is my sincere hope that many others follow. As someone who has been podcasting off and on for the better part of 8 years, the best parts of my learning have been in moments of true authenticity. It is only when I have a real audience and a real purpose for my work that I feel empowered to speak and to truly listen. Thank you for inspiring us to continue in this practice. It is well worth our time and efforts.

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