#C4C15: Leading for learning: I prefer a 3:1!

#C4C15: Leading for learning: I prefer a 3:1!

Is a 3:1 program asking too much? Well, maybe:

We are connected in more ways than simply through our computers now, and I think it is okay that we accept this so long as we don’t let ourselves think the connections are going to change practice by themselves.

The connection in our pocket should be available and leveraged by everyone who wants it. The screen in front of us should allow for conversations that weren’t previously possible. We should touch the screen as if we were touching the person we are collaborating with, in ways that allow them to know that we are a human on the other side.

I’m okay with a 3:1 program, so long as those 3 devices allow for learning to happen with the other people and not just with the other devices.

Leading for learning: I prefer a 3:1!.

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