#C4C15: Half Cold Coffee: Sit Still And Listen

#C4C15: Half Cold Coffee: Sit Still And Listen

A great reflective piece on a 6.5 hour PD session with mostly sitting and getting:

I really appreciate how you went through exactly how you were feeling throughout this “day of learning.” Each time you felt bored or compliant, I could see you clearly in that space. I think I could see it so well because I too have experienced this in Professional Development. And I too have tried to make the best of it, as I think that much of the time, this is all we can do.

But, I wonder how much of this type of learning we should simply accept and allow to take place before we advocate for the things we need (more breaks, more think time, more connection to the rest of our learning online and off). I wonder how much we should make our voices heard in the moment and not only though reflection on blog posts.

I also wonder how much we should expect our kids to advocate for what they need as well. I am so glad that you are taking what you learned here and you will be applying a healthy dose of “creating a better learning environment” to your classroom because of it. I think the students can easily tell us what they need and we can create the environment and the learning experience out of that too, but only if we allow them to do so. Thank you for your reflection. It seems like you learned a lot that was intended by the 6.5 hours and even more that wasn’t.

Half Cold Coffee: Sit Still And Listen.

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