#C4C15: Salt the hay: Love…..

#C4C15: Salt the hay: Love…..

A wonderful reminder of the right priorities for humans within school systems:

You are right.

The ones we love are so potently and powerfully important that little else matters when you are faced with losing them. It makes honoring and valuing them such an urgent matter. How can we best do this in a space of learning?

How can we show that we believe deeply in one another as people, and not the processes and systems that are seemingly devaluing the individuals around us (the tests that you describe)? How can we maintain this level of priority in the face of the pressure and stress of the daily efforts for a school? I do not have the answers, but I would love to think about how we keep this culture of caring strong even when we do not perceive an impending loss.

Thank you for sharing this story and for helping us to place our priorities in the right places.

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