#C4C15: I am a teacher et cetera: Bringing the Outside In

This is what happens when you see the community as potential teachers for your classroom:

I am so glad that you have enumerated all of the wonderful speakers you have brought into your classroom to connect your students to life outside of your school. This is a beautiful statement for how their learning and growth doesn’t stop.

One part of this that doesn’t get talked about a lot, however, is the finding and curating of great speakers, teachers, and leaders for the classroom. I would love to know more about how you found these folks and how you have worked to build a network of people who support your children. Is there something special you were looking for in these storytellers? Were there specific questions you asked them that really got them on board with coming in to your classroom?

Again, I think your work here on exposing students to professionals to activate their passions is wonderful. I hope that many others follow you in making this a greater part of their curriculum.

I am a teacher et cetera: Bringing the Outside In.

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