#C4C15: The EdTech Cheerleader: #LoveTeaching

#C4C15: The EdTech Cheerleader: #LoveTeaching

I think that many teachers would benefit from simply writing about their teaching experience in such a reflective manner:

This seems as much like a modern version of an Educational Philosophy as anything I have read on a blog recently. You are able to point out the things you believe and the tools that have been instrumental in your growth. I really enjoyed hearing your passion for Destination Imagination, and what you have seen from other teachers and students that make up the community.

I’m particularly intrigued by how becoming “the first user in your district” for a particular tool (Edmodo) allowed you to take a leadership role. The idea of becoming an early adopter as a career move opens up a lot of possibilities. What other ways do you think becoming an early adopter can help teachers?

via The EdTech Cheerleader: #LoveTeaching.

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