#C4C15: Struggling with Time — An Introduction – Hybrid Pedagogy

#C4C15: Struggling with Time — An Introduction – Hybrid Pedagogy

What a wonderful critique of academia:

As someone very much within the K-12 learning landscape, I am struck by just how many people I work with are in the positions they hold by simply being good at “the game of school.” When they have made such wonderful strides at their own careers, it seems unlikely that many of them will want to dismantle it in favor of a system that does not reward their adherence to “the rules.”

And yet, many are not satisfied with the system that they have been successful within. Many are looking at just how FEW people are actually good at this “game” and how many people we leave out because of it. I see more and more, at least in the K-12 world, that sitting in rows and standing still is what we are actively fighting against.

I wonder how you see the push toward “personalized learning” as a critique on the ‘sameness in learning’ that you spoke about. How do you see the undercurrent of change-agents working to dismantle this through both a culture in schools and with the technology that is now in nearly every pocket.

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