#C4C15: Kevin's Meandering Mind | Are You Ready to Walk My World?

Another collaborative challenge for making and creating the future of teaching and learning:

I am really excited about this idea of “Walk my world”, but I am more excited about just how many ways you are modeling for others how to capture their environment and their learning.

I am particularly intrigued by the panoramic/360 degree look at your classroom and the ways in which you are stringing together multiple videos together to create a story. I wonder how you multi-media as playing a role in the way in which we document our learning environment as well as the ways in which we learn.

Your emphasis on New Literacies is also something I would love to dig deeper into. How do you see these literacies (video, images, comics, and the ability to string them all together) as supporting more traditional literacies (reading/writing)? Do you see these as viable alternatives or do you see them in competition?

via Kevin’s Meandering Mind | Are You Ready to Walk My World?.

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