#C4C15: Redesigning Education Through Technology: "Stop"

Redesigning Education Through Technology:

When personalized professional learning goes so right:

I am so glad that you are okay with folks asking you to “stop” for all the right reasons. I think that very often we hear that word and we think that we need to press right on through. I love that this is an intentional moment of clarity you are looking for, but I think that it might just be more than that.

The “stopping” that this teacher is asking for is, perhaps, more about trust than anything else. Perhaps the ability to ask for you to “stop” is available to this teacher because she knows that you will “be right back” or that you will continue to support her, even in your absence. While she is empowered to have the time she needs, that time is about trusting you and the process you have laid out.

That trust that you are creating is invaluable and you should treasure it. Thank you for sharing this moment, and I hope that you continue to listen when your teachers say “stop” for all of the right reasons.

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