#C4C15: Use Your Outside Voice: Embracing Procrastination

#C4C15: Use Your Outside Voice: Embracing Procrastination

What an amazing set of student voices in this post:

The written words of students, particularly those that are deeply engaged in the learning process, present the single most inspiring moments of my own teaching career. These words are no different, and I think you should feel extremely proud that they were given to you. They are a gift, a moment of real learning that makes nearly anything seem possible.

“I could just pour my emotions into the keyboard. And when my fingers started moving they wouldn’t stop.” These are the words that get me. There is nothing better than a student writer, especially one that knows how important the act of writing can be for their own growth. This student understands just how powerful the writing process can be. She understands that this is not just a skill within one class, it is life skill.

Thank you for sharing this.

Use Your Outside Voice: Embracing Procrastination.

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