Welcome to GEG Colorado!

Welcome to GEG Colorado!

Welcome to GEG Colorado!

This space is still in the very early stages of existing and of being something transformative for all of the teachers and leaders who take part in it. But, with your help, it will provide support and ideas to thousands.

Now that you are here, won’t you introduce yourself and share the best place near you to host the GEG? It can be anywhere from a coffee shop to a convention space. More than anything, these spaces will tell us something about you and what you want the GEG to be.

I’ll start.

I am the Director of Personalized Professional Learning for Denver Public Schools. I am passionate about Online Communities, Reflective Practice (through video and video conferencing are my favorite ways), and making at least one new thing every day.

The place that I would like to hold the GEG is Westlands Park. It has some wonderful pavilion spaces and a playground and treehouse for big and little kids alike. I would love to see what a GEG could be like outside. 



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