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Announcing School Directory Sync

The #GoogleEDU team is down in Atlanta for #ISTE2014, showing off tools that help with more teaching and less tech-ing. We want to give school administrators more time back too, so today we are announcing School Directory Sync, a new version of the Google Apps Directory Sync (GADS) tool built specifically for schools. 

This utility allows an admin to export data from their student information system (SIS) and quickly sync it to their Google Apps for Education domain. With this tool it’s easy to create users, organizational units, and Google Groups, and also to keep everything in sync.

Larry Steinke, Technology Director of Saint Francis High School in California, who helped us build and test the tool says, “The ability to auto-create groups, folders and permission sets driven by course enrollment is of extraordinary value to us. The sync tool alone is worth thousands of dollars to a large school when compared to the custom sync-software that is often required.”

The utility is available for download here:

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