Thank you so much for RSVP’ing for the event.

Thank you so much for RSVP’ing for the event.

Thank you so much for RSVP’ing for the event. I’m so looking forward to discovering how each of you are planning on making your own PD plan for the summer. Please go in today and place your info on the planning doc so I know who would like to be on the panel and who would like to be a viewer:

“See” you all soon!

Zac Chase

Savinay Chandrasekhar 

K. Michelle Howell-Martin 

Melissa Torres

Richard Cassella

Michelle Moloney King 

Tanya Roscorla

Jacki Sloan

Jessica Raleigh

Derrick mcneill

Ryan Smith

Ian O’Byrne

Robert Schuetz

Michelle Eckstein

Jeff Gerlach

Crystal Midlik

Porter Hill

Scott MacClintic

Ron Houtman

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Once you RSVP, please put your info on the Planning Doc:

Roundtable Audience

The audience for this roundtable is teachers and leaders who are asked to do and learn a lot of things over the summer, but who would like to start putting together their own plan for summer professional learning. 

Roundtable Purpose:

The purpose of this roundtable is to explore all of the things we could be doing during the non-instructional time of “the summer” to choose our own paths through professional learning. Choice is an essential element of any teacher or leader’s summer, and if we don’t choose wisely, the summer will be over before we really get to learn what it is we most want to. 

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