Thank you to everyone who attended or watched the archive.

Thank you to everyone who attended or watched the archive. It was a great conversation and we really were able to focus on shifting practice.

Next Steps:

1. Keep on collaborating in the planning doc:

2. Reflect upon the session and then apply for the Project Roundtable Badge: 

3. Make your own Roundtables:

Whether it is the creation of a couple screencasts, the capturing a lesson in your classroom, or simply reflecting upon your practice, the process of creating and sharing those videos have the power to shift practice and possibilities for teachers and students across the board.

Roundtable Purpose: Video in the classroom can either be an empowering force for student and teacher voice or it can be a mind-numbing expansion of the lecture into bite-size chunks without deeper learning. It is our goal in this roundtable to explore the former.

Roundtable Audience:

1. Any teacher that is interested in using screencasts, classroom/lesson capture, and/or other teacher-created video within their classroom to shift their practice.

2. Any teacher/leader that is interested in furthering their reflective practice and collaboration in using and sharing video.


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