For those of you who haven’t seen this is another space…

For those of you who haven’t seen this is another space…

This session is going to be a great collaboration between a number of states, school districts, and organizations. Looking forward to it!

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Planning Doc:

This is going to be an amazing roundtable on how we are Actually Shifting Practice using badges for Professional Learning. This is a follow up to our previous roundtable on Badges for Learning (

Roundtable purpose:

This roundtable will help to identify the ways in which we can use Outcome-based Badges (rather than badging for seat-time) to shift practice for teachers and leaders.

Roundtable audience:

Teachers and Leaders who are looking to create and/or use a badging system within professional learning environments

Organizations who are looking to help teachers and leaders to create micro-credentials for professional learning

Essential Questions:

How do we eliminate badges for seat-time?

What are the tools to implement badges for professional learning?

What are the models for professional learning that are best supported by badges?

What does the “back of the badge” look like for adult learners?

How does self-reflection become a part of a badging system?


  1. Great discussion today. and thanks, Ben, for setting it up. I would love some feedback from any of you on this: since there is no real reason for me to earn badges for the Roundtable Discussions, other than the coolness factor, I have found myself not applying for them after the first 2 times. I have completed reflections for each discussion since I know that I need to reflect in order to move forward, but the actual process of “earning” the badge has seemed unnecessary. That is my main struggle with badges. Why earn? Why would teachers want to earn them for PD? I don’t mean that you get $ or anything, but if all it is is a badge on my website or portfolio, It could be a lot of work to set it all up to then have it fail with most because of unclear purpose. Yes, it could be encourage collaboration, but the roundtable discussion documents seem to do that. Are other people applying each time? Why?  Any ideas or ponderings would be welcome.

  2. This is a really fantastic question. Essentially the biggest reason why badges seem to be working, is that they are the way in which we chronicle and honor our learning.

    They can and should become a part of the reflection process. But beyond that, they should be transferable to other things. While the project roundtable benches they not mean so much yet, they will continue to increase the value is more people start to take part in the project and start host their own roundtables.

    Also, we have plans of allowing you to exchange around seven batches for college credit in the state of Colorado. I would like to work with other groups to create this exchange system for the interoperability of these badges.

    Essentially, badges become a type of currency. it gains in value the more people that use it. I hope that all makes sense.

  3. Ben Wilkoff

     I agree with your vision for badges and I think that the transferable part is where I am getting stuck. Completing badges for the sake of completing badges is one step, but before I decide that we should have badges for professional development next year, I need to think of “the Why.” What will be the benefit for teachers? While I massively love the idea of making felt sashes for people to wear or display, I do not think that is practical or that anyone else would like it. I am toying with the idea of rewards like being able to sign up for computer labs earlier or get a lunch with the principal after so many badges….. I know that extrinsic awards are not always good, but there does need to be something more than “it’s new and cool.” 

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