Pop some popcorn and get ready for some learning!

Pop some popcorn and get ready for some learning!

We will be getting started in 30 minutes. You can start putting in your questions on the Q&A app from the event page, and you can add your info to the collaborative notes document here: http://bit.ly/badgesroundtable

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Roundtable purpose:

This roundtable is about trying to find best practices for using Badges and Micro-credentials in learning environments both for adult and student learners.

We are excited by what is possible here, but we want to see examples of where it is being done well.

Roundtable audience:

This roundtable is for anyone who is interested in using Badges or Micro-credentialing as a strategy to personalize learning.

It is also intended for those interested in:

1. Gamification

2. Blended Learning

3. Competency-based learning

Please fill out the Google Doc to set up if you would like to be on the video hangout or if you would like to simply be a viewer. All are welcome.

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  1. Excellent conversation. Really liked your ‘pitch’, Jade, but disagree with your points about a certificate in comparison to a badge. Any certificate, diploma or degree is backed up by an institutional transcript of studies completed. Most employers require courses taken w grades on resumes now to verify course or program of studies. Badges digitally embed the skills sets ‘mastered’ – so its the same thing, really. Badges, I think, will eventually have workplace currency with agreed upon standards within sectors or industries or fields. No one will get a job as a surgeon with a ‘surgeon badge’ from an online Mooc. But one may get a job at Mozilla or EdX with badges from well recognized tech practitioners.

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