What are the stories you most want to tell?

What are the stories you most want to tell?

I’m engaged in a Digital Storytelling workshop this week, and it has made me rethink all of the stories I want to tell about learning and even my own life. It also makes me think that choosing a "new" medium for the story doesn’t so much matter, so long as the medium fits the story you want to tell.

So, I would love to think about all of the stories that are going untold right now, and how it is that we can tell them better.


  1. Ben, Thanks for the shout-out. I like when you said “It doesn’t matter where the story is being told, as long as it’s being told”. I agree completely. The platform/medium can vary. I find it personally interesting that storytelling is featured in books I’ve been reading. Made to Stick (which you recommended to me) talks about the power of story and in Show Your Work author Austin Kleon implores us to “tell good stories”. Hope you continue to tell great stories!

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