Donna Fry and Julie A.C.

Donna Fry and Julie A.C.

Donna Fry and Julie A.C. Balen, I just wanted to touch base with you about the event on Tuesday. I saw that Julie put her info in the doc, but Donna hasn’t just yet. Is there anything you want to talk about prior to the event? I will be inviting others to be on the roundtable as well, so I hope that is okay.

Originally shared by Ben Wilkoff 

Roundtable purpose:

This roundtable will seek to define Personalized Professional Learning and how it can impact teaching and learning, providing more ownership and autonomy to teachers and leaders in their career journey.

Roundtable audience:

This roundtable is for anyone interested in making Professional Learning (also sometimes known as PD) more authentic and engaging within their schools and districts.

Please fill out the Google Doc to set up if you would like to be on the video hangout or if you would like to simply be a viewer. All are welcome.


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