Interesting way to extend the reach of your organized Google Drive folders/resources.

Interesting way to extend the reach of your organized Google Drive folders/resources.

Originally shared by Andrew Stillman (Personal)

Introducing formFolio: Accept and auto-organize Drive resources into folders using a Google Form

This is a full rewrite, rebrand, and extension of formFolderer script I released about a month ago, which I think will be very useful to educators…  

Looking for folks interested in beta-testing on this thread.  Please make yourself a copy here:  


– Turns a Google Form into a smart auto-foldering and ‘dropbox’ tool to allow users to submit any Drive-hosted resource along with additional data.

– Great for auto-organizing and managing ownership of student or teacher artifact submissions. Can function like a dropbox, allowing users to add or copy Drive resources via form to folders they otherwise cannot access.

– Ideal for large collaboration groups looking to crowdsource, organize and tag Drive resources in specific ways without giving everyone edit privileges on the folder structure.

– For secure Google Forms on a Google Apps domain, allows Drive resources to be submitted to individual “User Folders” based on the auto-collected username.

– Allows the choices in one or more of your multiple-choice, list, or checkbox questions to correspond to destination Folders in Drive.

Uses a text type question in your form to collect the Drive resource URL (Documents, Sheets, Presentations, Drawings, Folders–yes whole Folders (up to 2 levels deep), Images, heck, even unconverted Office files) from users.

– Upon form submission, adds or copies (see modes below) the submitted Drive resource into the corresponding folders in your Drive. 

– Requires you to collect the form submitter’s Google email address via secure (domain) form or via a text question in your form. The script detects whether sharing permissions are appropriate and emails the user with steps and easy links to fix.

– Can be run in “original” or “copy” mode.

 –Original mode adds the Drive resources to the designated folder(s) and preserves their original ownership.

 — Copy mode makes a copy of the Drive resource, renames it according to a convention of your choice, optionally shares in the submitter as viewer, editor, or commenter, and moves it to the designated folders.

-When set to create “User Folders” on a secure, domain Google Form…

Can auto-create folders for new users upon form submission

Allows for user folder to be restricted, or shared with either view or edit privileges


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