I love this idea of spreading such a course over a school year. Very intriguing.

I love this idea of spreading such a course over a school year. Very intriguing.

I love this idea of spreading such a course over a school year. Very intriguing.

Originally shared by Brendan Murphy

Well it happened, our school board approved our one-to-one technology plan.  As part of that plan I have proposed a year long ed tech professional development experience. 

My professional development plan for next year is based on what I am calling an Open Online Experience. Basically I am taking etmooc and stretching it out over the 10 month school year. This will allow my teachers the opportunity to to grow together during the year as they adjust to a one to one environment without putting too much extra work on their shoulders. 

My question is would you (as the planning community) consider running etmooc or allow it to be run concurrently with us? I can see etmooc continuing in a similar manner as ds106 the course runs constantly, while schools around the world can choose to host individual classes. 

As I’ve tried to plan my experience I can also see you might be able to fit this in to two semester long courses at a college and go deeper into each topic.

Overview of the Experience:

This course provides a rich, immersive experience into the study and use of educational technology in teaching & learning.


Welcome Event & Orientation to working and learning in a blended environment

Topic 1 Connected Learning – Tools, Processes & Pedagogy 

Topic 2 Digital Citizenship – Identity, Footprint

Topic 3 Digital Literacy – Information, Memes & Attention

Second semester topics 

Topic 4 Content curation – Using what is there

Topic 5 Digital Storytelling – Multimedia, Remixes & Mashups

Topic 6 The Open Movement – Open Access, OERs & Future of Ed.

Topic 7 Celebration – Final projects plans for the future

I am open to changes in the topic structure or any of the internal structure (even adding or subtracting topics), but I want to keep the experience stretched out for the year to build a sense unity within my school. 

For my own teachers I will create a hub around our Haiku Learning Management System, but I doubt that would be suitable for a wider audience with whom I hope to share the experience. Etmooc would be perfect for that. 

Thanks for your time I look forward to your thoughts. 

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