Month: <span>January 2013</span>

Better Backchannels: What’s Missing?

I believe that better backchannels are possible, so long as we don’t keep doing them in a chat that is reacted upon every few seconds. In the video, I identify three things our #etmooc backchannels need:

1. @mentions (replies that show to whom you are speaking)
2. Threading (much better nesting of conversations for tracking)
3. Up/down voting so that you can agree with an idea without adding noise the backchannel.

Original video from Joe Dillon:

Reflective Vlogging Practice Community:

It isn’t #etmooc’s Fault: Find Your Own Slice of Learning

Should we concentrate on making a MOOC less overwhelming, or should we rather concentrate on making our learning process better? What role does our own empowerment play in finding the right “slice of learning”?

Thank you to Darren Kuropatwa for inspiring this idea:

Reflective Practice Vlogging Community: