A cool webinar opportunity for writers and teachers alike.

A cool webinar opportunity for writers and teachers alike.

Originally shared by Cheryl Rainfield

YA author Nora Olsen (The End: Five Queer Kids Save The World) will be doing a webinar: http://goldencrown.org/olsen-webinar/ called The Kids Are Alright: Lesbian and Bi Young Adult Novels on Saturday, October 1. A lot of readers don’t know that there are many YA novels with lesbian and bisexual main characters. Nora Olsen will take you through the history of lesbians in YA, from the “tragic” plots of the 1970′s to the diverse stories of today. Learn what are some of the iconic lesbian/bi YA classics and some of the best contemporary titles. Discover what these books mean to teenagers who are coming out. And find out what it takes to write a YA novel yourself. Nora will tell you about the market for YA, which is one of the few sectors in publishing that is currently growing, and give information on both LGBT-specific and mainstream publishers.

Interested? Register: http://goldencrown.org/olsen-webinar/


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