Question 193 of 365: Which way is up?

Question 193 of 365: Which way is up?

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Truth be told: I have no flippin’ clue.

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  1. Jacqueline L Cahill

    ha ha. rough day or patch? I was there yesterday…thank God for close friends who know just the right thing to say to help you process in order to be centered again.

  2. Jacqueline L Cahill

    I think that is good. That is reality. I believe both from what I've observed and read that reality would help more people get on-board. It isn't real to ALWAYS be thinking about tech or trying something new out…even you who is a tech geek (and I say that with love and admiration) falls due to life…that is reality. Perhaps more people will join their passion if they realize it doesn't demand perfection. Good for you for showing all sides.

  3. I realized right about the time that my mother-in-law passed away that this
    book wasn't just about technology and business and teaching anymore. It was
    clearly something else entirely. I don't know what yet, but I can't wait to
    start the revision process. Thank you for helping me in that, by the way.
    Your comments are helping give a context to each one of these posts and it
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