Question 148 of 365: Who gets notified?

Question 148 of 365: Who gets notified?

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The shipment of iPads came in. The ones that my father was looking forward to. The one that meant a message from Apple was was sent out to his email address. I was notified because he was notified. And I went and picked it up. I will mail it off tomorrow, but for today I will spend some time thinking through the idea of being notified when good things are coming your way.

I wish I could be notified for the following things:

  • When my children say they love me when I am out of earshot.
  • When I could get away with eating a bunch of junk food because of my low calorie count for the rest of the day
  • When my wife works on our budget or bills and I don’t know it. (This is to make sure I never take it for granted).
  • When someone adds something substantial to an idea I enjoy thinking about
  • When remember something worth writing down. (Ideally, this wiuld alert me to the idea I’ve just had and not the fact that I have just had an idea.)
  • Whenever something new is going to completely change my direction and interest drastically. (This may require being able to know the future, though.)
  • So, while I don’t get alerts for those things yet, I can be fairly confident that at least I get alerts for the new gadget du jour. That is nice and convenient, but not nearly as transformative,

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