#BDNT January 2010

#BDNT January 2010

Here I am again at Boulder/Denver New Technology Night at CU Boulder. I am here with my new partner for SpeedGeek Learning, Ashton Honnecke. Tonight’s meeting might not have quite the level of excitement as December’s, but I am optimistic. Let’s see how it goes.

People who are hiring:

Questions from Students (from Startup):

  • The Perfect High Five
  • Find Your keys with your iPhone



  1. Liquid Scenarios – A single button to help people valuate a single company… This allows us to know exactly how much a company is worth. There is no liquid assets for a company that isn’t sold. [The Demo for this company was not working… couldn’t figure out how to work vista]
  2. Team Snap – Managing your team online. Everyone does teams and coaching management wrong… they do it right, apparently. I like the idea of managing logistics with software to concentrate on human interactions. “People pay for what we do” (that must be nice)
  3. CSIA – Should the Colorado Office of state planning and budgeting put a sales tax on software? A really fantastic speaker, truly knowledgeable about sales tax for physical objects vs. services and online purchases. 
  4. Easy Insight – Business Intelligence, there is an actual demo (Such a great change). Get your data from almost anywhere (Google Analytics, Basecamp, etc.) Yeah! Lets build reports. Cool visualization! 
  5. Ubisense – Precise Real Time Location Systems. Let’s track people indoors using sensors. They use Ultrawide Band for doing this tracking. And Cow detection. I’m not sure it gets any better than that.
  6. Gadgets – Nook, L5, Easy Pay (He is going to CES and bringing back many more toys)

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