LiC Podcast: Design with Forever in Mind Archive

LiC Podcast: Design with Forever in Mind Archive

Although I was thrown a whole bunch by not having wifi for the first 45 minutes, I think that the session was worthwhile. Here is the archive of all that we have done. I am also including my planning podcast from my drive up to copper mountain.



Drop Box: simple private sharing


Important Links:

Ben Wilkoff Links:

  1. Learning is Change Blog and Podcast>
  2. Twitter Page
  3. Other Presentation on Thursday (The On Button: Instant and Always-on Collaboration)

Presentation Links:

  1. Foreverism
  2. Math Casts
  3. Web 2.0 Game Over

Exit Plan for Vocaroo:

  • Wav files backed up to a hard drive/server

Exit Plan for

  • Everyone who downloads the podcast will have a copy.

Exit Plan for JamGlue:

  • Mp3 files of mixes

Exit Plan for Screencastle:

  • Download Direct Link to File and store on hard drive/server

Exit Plan for Screentoaster:

  • Mov Downloads before uploading to screencastle site

Exit Plan for DimDim:

  • Download and build own DimDim server and store recordings there.

Exit Plan for Twitter:

Exit Plan for Google Docs:

Ustream Archive:

Twitter Archive:

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