Conflict of interest

Conflict of interest

I accidentally posted this too soon, but here is the official version
of this idea (which is bound to change at some point).
What does it mean when you are faced with the following challenge:
The place that you work has given you the freedom to explore different
learning platforms, work with creative people, collaborate on process,
policy, and pedagogy, and the means to not have to say no too often.
The future you see for education is different than what is being planned.
The opportunities to branch out and create your own learning spaces
have never been more numerous or more engaging.
The community you actively engage in advocates for open communication
and documentation of every move forward that you make with your own
The boundaries on that communication have never been more clear: “Some
meetings are secret.”
The platforms for learning and support that you use are at odds with
“having someone on the other end of the line” when something goes
So, what here is a conflict of interest. Can all of this coexist and
not create chaos, unrest or animosity between my job, my network, my
living, and my passion?
(Too vague? Give me a few months, and perhaps specifics will surface.)

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  1. Hmmm…. I am interested in what your vision of the future of education is… I would also be curious about the true conflict… I believe one will never really find the “utopic” existence where every aspect of the job is aligned 100% to personal passions and ideals. However, that said, I believe we should always continue to aim for that existence… I guess I am a realist and know that my utopia is likely not yours. I also am well aware that we all (institutions included) deal with change and evolution in our own way – often causing some of the old to remain. Furthermore, I believe too many people operate from a place of fear when change is necessary and inevitable, which results in “secrets” and private agendas…. your thoughts?

  2. I am aiming for it, and I think finding it quite often. It was just a week that I was struggling with some of the work that was being asked of me (not related to eDCSD). Most of it is resolved, but I haven’t been able to do a full response. I would love to blog more about it, but I have found such little time recently. I can assure you that I have not been able to manage many “secrets”, ever. I just have trouble when “proprietary” gets in the way of learning. Utopia, or not, I don’t really want to make that decision.

    Thanks for the comment, though.

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