Things that I know nothing about

I believe in learning all the time,  but there are definitely some things that I know nothing about (but would like to some day). I hope to cross things off of this list, but for now they remain:

  1. Player pianos – how they work and why they aren’t more readily available.
  2. Programming applications built on available API‘s – I would like to build applications upon Tokbox, Google Reader, and Twitter (i.e., Why hasn’t anyone built a twitter application specifically for educators?)
  3. Making a to do list and then crossing of each item – I cross of all but a few and then I let the rest of them fester.
  4. Creating a webserver without using mamp or xampp – I would like to know how you open and close ports and set up a server from scratch. I don’t want to be an IT wonk. I just want to know how to do it.
  5. Reading music for guitar- I have tried so many times, but in the end, I always manage to simply rely on the chords I already know and write a new song without learning how to read someone else’s work.
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