Podcast on Podcstock  with Kevin Honeycutt

Podcast on Podcstock with Kevin Honeycutt

Kevin Honeycutt at PodStock09
Image by Wesley Fryer via Flickr

I had the unique opportunity to talk with Kevin Honeycutt about his amazing unconference, Podstock. Please listen and know the movement that he is working for (and that we may be all working for in our different ways).

Show notes:

  1. We wanted to create an Edubloggercon for Podcasters
  2. We wanted to demystify the “follow” thing
  3. Most of the people who came to Podstock were all a part of the conversation already.
  4. The relationship changes when you meet the people you follow in real life.
  5. Most people don’t see the full potential of podcasting, they are only in one part of the conversation (consumers, producers, narrow definitions)
  6. What is podcasting: Touching your toe in the water is okay. Video and Audio matter.
  7. There was an empty room all day long. They were able to come in and have conversation.
  8. “The first best way that a human organism learns is through experience”
  9. The printed word arrived and you have to break that code in order to get at the learning. Some kids burn their energy in turning text into something they can understand. If we can let them simulate the direct experience so that we can learn in a natural way.
  10. I don’t want to preclude these other ways of seeing.
  11. Kevin created a 5 person team that started off with creating culture. They changed hippy phrases to be more about podstock. Welcoming them with Groovy. They actually used the word movement. They leveraged all of the learning networks available (plurk, twitter, facebook). They took pictures of something that didn’t exist yet (dressing up and showing what the aesthetic looked like)
  12. They created a series of artifacts that helped to create community. Everything was made by hand.
  13. We had to make sure that it paid for itself or it would never happen again.
  14. Passion and belief are all we have in a hard time.
  15. We should be inviting everyone. You are one of us. There is no heirarchy. We are all equals. We should be empowered to have one another. The detached retinas now are connected.
  16. He would like to have Podstocks that are regional. Conversation, facilitation, not presentation.
  17. We would like to inspire people and put gas back in their tanks.
  18. We need to give people a place to heal, a place where it is okay to explore these new connections, new communities.
  19. Experience changes lives.
  20. We need to create the optimum ambiguity: Creating enough safe space for possiblities to happen.
  21. Second life and real life were merged at a dance.
  22. Everyone was an expert at a given time.
  23. What was learned at Podstock? A small group can create a movement. If you are up to something that is honest, people will come.
  24. We started in the middle of the conversation. We can go so far so fast.
  25. There is a separation between people who have communicated in new ways and those who haven’t.
  26. Go to http://podstock.ning.com and become a part of the community.
  27. We reorganized what was important. We gave people the album and the costumes, and left the grid of sessions to be secondary. The people who came wanted to inspire kids. And that was enough.
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