Twitter as Feed Reader

Twitter as Feed Reader

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I have been more and more interested with using twitter as my primary means of staying fully connected, including receiving important updates on topics that are close to me (via twitter search and Nambu), cultivating a network of people that I can go to at any time with any question and receive a thoughtful response, and finally receiving links that are relevant to all that I am thinking about.

While the first two are quite easy to accomplish using twitter as it is now envisioned, the last idea still requires a social bookmarking site that I monitor and parse through and a rss reader that takes quite a  little bit of tending. The fact is that I have time to scan links in twitter, whereas I can let my Google Reader account go on accumulating for a month before I get to many topics. So, I really wanted a way to make twitter do my feed reading and link aggregation for me.

Enter twitterfeed.

This little service allows me to feed all of my delicious network into a twitter account. It also let me feed my friend’s shared items in google reader into the same account. Any feed that I want to keep track of as a single stream that is pumped into my twitter client and is therefore also searchable and archivable as well.

If you are interested in following my delicious network via twitter, here is the link. Already some good stuff has come through.

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