Who are "they"?

Who are "they"?

In a post from a few days ago, a reader of this blog asked a very simple question:

I would ask why are they less willing and who are the “they”? You often refer to asking the right questions and so I would encourage you to ask Who and Why before How.

This was in reference to my need for non-power-users to pilot the online learning spaces that I am creating. So, Jamie, I would like to outline exactly who I am looking for whenever I plan a pilot for a new learning space. I would like to do so in the form of a classified ad, just for fun.

Wanted: Beginning Teacher-Learner for long-term learning commitment

  1. Must love students and all of their quirks. Must love talking to them and wanting to make sure that they are getting the most out of their education. Must know that they have something to teach you.
  2. Should be afraid of at least one button on the computer.
  3. Not having administrative rights to your school computer, a plus.
  4. Doesn’t mind engaging in active reflection on personal habits and teaching habits.
  5. Must have taught or been taught before the invention of computerized grading programs.
  6. E-mail should be a second language.
  7. Needs to be comfortable asking questions.
  8. Is not immediately interested in blogs, wikis, twitter, or social networks.
  9. Finds traditional PD boring, but has had at least one good PD experience in the last 2 years.
  10. Must read for pleasure.

These are the factors I am most looking for in teachers who are going to push the limits of online spaces. They are wise enough to know that not everything is important, yet they are still thirsty for the knowledge of how to do things better. I would like to turn it back on you, Jamie. What do you look for in partners that push you to be better?

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