I was at a restaurant this morning with my family and my wife’s
fingers were getting stickier and stickier from the leaky maple syrup
container. After a while she started looking for some water to wash
them off with. Her water cup was empty but the condensation on the
outside was still there so she used it to clean her hands.
I’m not sure why this sparked something in me, but the act of her
using only the water that was on the outside of the glass made me
think of what is happening in many school districts that I see around
We can see the water, the life giving liquid inside, but we have to
settle for the small beads collecting around the outer edge.
We know that the bandwidth that is needed to fully share with one
another the media, ideas and resources of our district is available.
It exists for businesses and other entities out there, but in
education we are stuck with the runoff from those large high speed
We need a straw, but we are stuck licking at the glass.
(The preceding metaphor is stretched pretty thin, but I did want to
get it out there just in case someone else found it useful.)

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