DCSD Conversations: A new beginning

DCSD Conversations: A new beginning

In an effort to have some of the conversations that I engage in regularly on Twitter and in the Edublogosphere within my home School District, I have started having a semi-regular conversation with a few folks in Douglas County about 21st century learning in our district. We have decided to make it into a video podcast that is hosted on our server, but is available through itunes.

Here is the iTunes link.

I will also be crossposting the podcasts as a part of the Learning is Change podcasts, so here are the show notes from the second edition of this podcast:

We had a great time today talking about 21st century learning. The following are questions that we considered during this podcast:

  • How can we best respond to the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century?
  • How can we help empower today’s learners and teachers?
  • What are the alternatives to schooling as we know it?
  • What does 21st century learning practice actually look like (in a “real” classroom)?
  • How can I contribute to transforming our educational organizations?

Also, if you are interested in the full show notes, please head on over to our Google Notebook page.

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