Reader where you actually read things…

Reader where you actually read things…

As much as I can before educon 2.1, I will be expanding upon the ideas of my topic, The On Button: Instant and Always on Collaboration. While, the full post that outlines the session is coming, I feel like holding off on it until then is a little silly. So, with that in mind, I would like to share something that I found today thanks to @Fallapart. I was looking for a way for people to access a shared Google Reader through their e-mails. The reason for this is that as much as I find Google Reader to be one of the best ways to learn things, most people still find RSS to be a complex and confusing thing.

So, what if they could get a digest of blog posts easily from a Reader account. Well, if you use, you can put in any rss feed and it will create a digest for you daily, weekly, or whenever there is a new post. So, after we have the shared Google Reader account set up, all we would have to do is pull the folder feeds into RssFwd and it would create easy to swollow digests of the content.

All I need to find now is an opml file filled with categorized edubloggers… Well, let’s do one better. Let’s let everyone create their own “best reading list” according to their own keywords. Let’s let everyone create their own opml files using this.

So, the workflow goes like this:

  1. Create your own personalized reading list with the Live Search OPML Generator.
  2. Import into Google Reader.
  3. Copy the Folder feed from the “mange my subscriptions section”
  4. Paste it into RssFwd

Viola, you have a reading list that keeps on coming of personally relevent information directly to your e-mail account. Talk about always-on.

If only this could be automated somehow…

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