Leadership conference for dcsd

Leadership conference for dcsd

We start off with our logo doughboy. It is amazing to see a logo come to life like this, especially with a high school band going on in the background.


We get some more band music (elenor rigby).

Our superintendant is up next. (along with some previous supers.) They all wrote there names on different surfaces: chalkboard, whiteboard, and smartboard.

He is taking a pulse of the audience. Asking about things people might remember, “how many of you have never used a typewriter?”

-pictures of years gone by.

He is going over the minutes of board meetings from the 50s (held every 3 months): my favorite discussion was whether or not to have school (because of budgetary concerns)

The stories that are coming out of today are amazing. I love the fact that we have a history to be proud of. The moments that these people have held together are meaningful. I want to build this in my career, and I am proud to have started here.

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