Keynote for leadership meeting

Keynote for leadership meeting

Our superintendent is speaking about the morivators for students: parents, teachers, and technology.

He is highlighting video games and cell phones.

He made an HR person play guitar hero (didn’t do so well). Then he had a 4.0 student play (very well).

He talked about android. He is talking open source cell phones in education.

This is the kind of leader I love working for.

“We want to get into the kid’s heads.”

We have to use the tools that they are using, but we have to lead them. Is that possible? Yes.


  1. Ben,

    This sounds like a great place to be. It’s nice to be around leaders who have vision.

    If your district is thinking about open source cell phone programming, we are in the early stages of creating a Web Programming class where we would like to look at designing mobile applications.

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