Cores 1+4:

  1. Write-on/Blog-on:
  2. Honor the work you did on Utopias.
  3. Talk about Digital Portfolios
  4. Extensions:
    • Finish that last book that you have been working on before summer.

Core 2:

  1. Rev-It-Up
  2. Talk about Script and Planning.
  3. Work on your utopia for our three purposes:
    • Creating Community
    • Telling the story of Utopia
    • Enhancing our ideas
  4. Extensions:
    • Be finished with your Utopia by Sunday Night.

Core 3:

  1. Discuss-on:
  2. Take a look at some great -Ism creation:
    • Ania and Carrie’s Discussion
    • Inside the head of an -Ism: It’s pretty quiet in here, with everyone outside working on their
      isms. I look around the room. There’s the green monkey and the octopus
      from the magazine sale. There on the walls are the different quotes. My
      personal favorite…”The universe is made of stories, not of
      atoms.”-Muriel Rukeyser. Call me weird, but I like it. I can hear some
      of the other girls talking and socializing. Talking about next week
      what is going to happen at school. The smart board is still on,
      although it isn’t doing anything right now. It’s nice in here when it’s
      quiet. I can think and wonder and not feel…isolated. Maybe I’m weird,
      but I always feel so alone, even when I’m surrounded by people. I’ve
      always been a loner, and I like to be alone, or with just a few people,
      at one time. I’m reading a different kind of book now, called “
      The Kayla Chronicles”
      which is different from what I normally read. Normally I like fantasy
      and dragons and spaceships (yeah, a strange combonation I know) but I
      thought I’d try something new here. I daydream abut summer. Swimming
      and hanging out with friends and spending time with family. We went on
      a field trip today, we played frisbee golf, and it was so much fun to
      run around and be outside and feel the sunshine.
  3. Work on your ism, creative voice for your beliefs.
  4. Extensions:
    • Be finished with your -Ism by Sunday night.

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