K12 Online: More than a conference

K12 Online: More than a conference

My daughter was born last October. So, I spent quite a bit of time keeping my daughter happy in the wee hours of the morning, sitting on a red love seat and listening to the podcasts from the first K12 online conference. The podcasts were a way of keeping up because there was no way that I had time for a lot of blogging. They were a way of seeing what else was out there, of seeing who was going to guide the edtech conversation in the coming months.

Well, the time has come for a new K12 Online conference, and I am happy to report that my daughter reached her first birthday without any major catastrophe (although she is still keeping me up at sometimes). This time, though, I am not merely listening in on the conversation. This time, I am a presenter in the Obstacles to Opportunities strand. It is my greatest hope that the work I have done for this conference will be seen in the same light by other new fathers who are trying to find a way to both cradle their baby’s head correctly and balance an iPod on their pajama leg.

So, if you are interested in the presentation check it out here. 

You may find the supporting documents even more intriguing, though:

  1. Starting From Scratch Companion
  2. Authentic Learning: Metaphor and Vision
  3. 101 Resources and Tools for Authentic Learning

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