Cores 1-4:

  1.  Write-on: Finish this sentence and write two more to follow it up, “Language Arts with Mr. Wilkoff is…”
  2. Complete the student-led conferences handout and prepare your folders for the inevitable: la-talking-points.pdf.
  3. What should be in your folder (or easily accessible on the computer):
    1. Your LA Talking Points handout.
    2. Your AR contract.
    3. Your graded writing piece (Identity Document or Ocean Question).
    4. Your first authentic writing piece (at least started).
    5. Your writing notebook with at least one thing highlighted or marked to show your parents.
    6. Your Reading Analysis scantron.
  1. Discuss-on and Smartboard-on:
    • How do you think that an urban school in the Washington D.C. area is different than our school?
    • What questions would you want to ask the kids from this school?
    • What could we collaborate on, knowing that they are on a similar path as us?
    • What should a video conference with them be like?
    • Where do we go from here?

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