Core 1:

  1. Write-on: What kind of arguments/persuasion are false? (Sometimes persuasive but always fallacious, deceitful, or just plain wrong)
  2. Which are the most recognizable/often used of the Fallacious Arguments.
  3. Find an example of one of the above Fallacious Arguments in modern political discourse.
  4. Extensions:
    • Think of the one thing that you would like to persuade your parents to do for you (or give to you).

Core 2:

  1. Write-on: Which social topic do you think deserves to be made fun of? How are you going to exaggerate it in order to change it?
  2. Read over the Like Syndrome and My satire and start to write your own.
  3. Extensions:
    • Finish your satires.

Core 3:

  1. Work-on: Grab a laptop and continue your work on becoming an expert on the 1940s.
    • Format your Smart Notebook file so that the words are not too small and your ideas/images are clear.
  2. Present files.
    • Take notes on the important events and ideas of the 1940s.
  3. Extensions
    • Think about how the 1940s mimics current situations.

Core 4:

  1. Share-on: Discuss your connection between change and persuasion with at least two people and try to find a consensus.
  2. How do you change someone’s mind?
    • With a partner, create a Google Presentation file that reveals your thinking.
    • Include images that represent your ideas from Morguefile.com
    • When you are finished, share it with me.
  3. Extensions:
    • Read your AR book.

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