Welcome to the best two years of your life. This is not an overstatement. It is not hyperbole. Up until this point your life has either been pretty great or somewhat bland, but at this moment, you become a part of something so much bigger than yourself. You become a part of the Academy of Discovery at Cresthill Middle School. You are the first class to be bestowed with such an honor. Take it and run with it.

Core 1+4:

  1. The Academy of Discovery
  2. Discuss non-negotiables for Mr. Wilkoff’s Language Arts Class.
    • Class time is sacred.
    • Everything for a reason.
    • Community and individuals in balance.
  3. The Write-On, Talk-On, Discuss-On, Search-On, Question-On phenomenon.
  4. Write-On and Search-On: Using the keen powers of observation and deductive reasoning, what is important in this classroom? Why do you think it is important?
  5. Discuss three types of expectations: For the Class (others), For the teacher (Mr. Wilkoff), for yourself.
  6. Extensions:
    • Write out your three categories and a list of at least 5 expectations for each, to be discussed tomorrow.
    • Draw on and label your Language Arts Folder
    • Buy/bring a spiral notebook to be placed in the folder.

Class Notes:

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