Cores 1-4:

We have used the Weekly Authentic model of writing throughout this year based upon the assumption that one paragraph of authentic writing would be enough of a challenge for most of you every week, but ever since we started working on wikis, you have started writing paragraphs, answering questions, and posting discussions as if it were nothing. You are writing more now than at any other time this year (and we only have 3 and half weeks left)!

With that in mind, I have decided that merely telling me that you have done an authentic paragraph on delicious isn’t very descriptive. At this point, it makes me look like the gatekeeper, giving you a step that isn’t really related to your project. So, instead, what I would like you to do is to put a discussion post on the newly created Progress page telling me (and everyone else) what you have gotten done (this week, or in the entire project) and what your next couple of steps are. This will allow others to benefit from all of the things you have done, and start conversations with people who are struggling with the same things.This page can also be used to discuss elements of the project and get ideas. Each of you must post at least once this week and once next week. This will take the place of your Weekly Authentic grade, but each of the weeks 7-15 still apply to this quarter, so make sure you have a blog post or edit on delicious for those weeks.

Now, if you choose to blog on Tuesdays (or throughout the week), which I highly recommend as a way of getting out “non-project” ideas, you can submit those to delicious for weeks that you forgot about, or you can continue to submit them without week tags so that others can read all of the amazing writing you are doing.

  1.  Work on your Wikis with a specific goal.
  2. Follow the directions on the Progress page in order to get credit for your Weekly Authentic grade this week.

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