Cores 1-4:

  1. What is the Value of Amateurs?
  2. Work on Sem2_Week11 either on your blog (using Writetomyblog.com or Learnerblogs.org if it is working) or on your wiki page.
  3. If you choose to write on your wiki page, you will need to submit the “edit” that you did today as a delicious post. (Click on the history post and then control-click on the most recent edit and copy link location. This will be what you paste into the del.icio.us box when it asks for your url.)

Core 3:

  1. Outsiders blogging questions:
    • Why do you think Ponyboy is in a gang?
    • Who are the greasers and socs of Cresthill (Highlands Ranch)?
    • What’s up with the names Soda Pop and Ponyboy?
    • What kinds of slang do you use that other people wouldn’t understand if they were reading a book about your life?

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