Cores 1-2:

  1. Mini-debate on the ethics and importance of mashing-up and remixing ideas and content.
  2. Citing the research from yesterday, write out your proposal for what kind of remixing and mashing-up should be allowed with our content. Be sure to mention all different types of media (text, music, video, online content, etc.). Create symbols for all of us to follow.

Core 3:

  1. Write-On: What does it mean to be a have or a have-not?
  2. Imagine I gave half of the class $100 dollars a week as an allowance and I gave nothing to the rest of the class. What do you think would start to happen? What would happen over time?
  3. How does money alone shift the focus on what is important in life?

Core 4:

  1. Learn about the Utopia Wiki.
  2. Create Wikispaces Accounts and copy over the template parts that you want to work on first.

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