Cores 1-2:

  1. Read the Remix Culture articles:
  2. Debate the merits of Mashups and Remixes as art forms and workable solutions in pro- and anti- groups.

Core 3:

  1. Fill out the Outsiders Anticipation Guide.
  2. Discuss personal connections to the themes of the novel.
  3. What do you know about the 50’s?

Core 4:

  1. Do you think that authors paint a realistic vision of the future? One they would like to see happen? Or, one they would never like to see happen? Why?
  2. Which of the following have come to pass, and which of the following will/should never come to pass?
    • Looking Backward:
      • People taking one year off to serve one another before they get their real jobs.
      • Having a solution for shopping: Checking things off of a list and having them delivered to you immediately.
    • 1984:
      • A government that wants us to fear one another.
      • A “Big Brother” that is always watching you.
      • Mind control through the use of language.
      • Power concentrated in the hands of only a few people.
    • Brave New World:
      • Genetically Engineering Human Beings
      • Strict Classes of people based upon intelligence capacity.
      • Compulsory (you have to do it) contreception
    • Player Piano:
      • The automation of nearly every job so that there is very little left for humans to do.
    • The Giver:
      • Centrally stored memories.
      • A closed off society.
    • Fahrenheit 451:
      • Extreme censorship.
    • We:
      • The importance of logic above all else.
    • Utopia:
      • Each Man or Woman working for only what they need.
      • Devaluing money (money and gold mean nothing to these people).
      • Paying other people to fight wars for you.
    • Lord of the Flies:
      • A life without supervision.
    • Anthem:
      • A complete dependence on Group-Thinking.
      • True equality for all citizens (without the handicapping of Harrison Bergeron).
  3. Debate the merits of each theme from the ten books mentioned.

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