Cores 1-2:

  1. Discuss-on: What is Remix Culture?
  2. Watch the Remix Culture in Generation Y video and discuss:
    • What is okay to copy?
    • What isn’t?
    • What is a remix?
    • What is a parody?
    • Who owns an idea?

Cores 3-4:

  • I have just been selected to be a part of the Digital Educator program for 2007-2010. What this means is that I will mentoring other teachers in the the use of technology in classroom. Right up my alley, wouldn’t you say?
    • The best part, though, is that I get to build a technology toolkit to use in my classroom, and they have given me some really tempting choices. I would like you to help me to pick out what I should get because you are going to be using this stuff too.
    • The toolkit is based on a point system (1 point=about $100). I have 30 points to play with, but I have to get a 13 point laptop, so really I only have 17 points to work with. Please select the items accordingly and give a compelling reason for each choice. Write down what you want to use this item for next year. I will select from your proposals, and hopefully you will have had the best reasons for your choices. Time to check out the great stuff we can have.

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